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iwoca celebrates its 7th birthday old today. Hurray!

It’s iwoca’s birthday! We’ll be blowing out seven candles on our cake today.Our company was founded back in 2011 by Christoph Rieche, our CEO, and James Dear, our CTO, and we’ve been incredibly busy ever since then.

Interview: will Brexit affect small businesses?

We spoke to Stephen McCarthy, owner of S&A Electrical Distribution, about his views on Brexit, and how leaving the European Union could impact his business.

From iwoca with love

As you might expect, Valentine’s Day is a hectic time of the year for lingerie boutique stores. And so we thought it might be interesting to learn how one of our customers has been preparing for this, the most romantic day of the year.

The North’s street food revolution

Not all that long ago ‘street food’ meant a hot dog at the fair, smothered with overdone onions and served from a rusty metal handcart. Today’s street food offering is infinitely more sophisticated—and more lucrative.

Scaling up people-friendly fintech

As our new COO, Seema Desai is bringing 18 years of financial and tech experiences into her role at iwoca, helping develop smarter processes for customers and colleagues, encouraging diversity, and enjoying a few mountains on the way.